The Perfectly Unfinished/Work In Progress Journal was created to give you space to freely explore your own path to positivity. Many people feel paralyzed by negativity and stay imprisoned by their circumstances.  They defeatedly follow the motions of life and have a difficult time to muster the energy needed to create and thrive.  With the Perfectly Unfinished/Work In Progress Journal, you will find the tools you need to work on strengthening your own positivity muscles.  Yes!  You have them and this journal will show you how to use them.  This journal is not meant to be a "prescription/cookie cutter" type of self-help tool.  In it, you will find 5 sections.  Each one is designed to develop an area of positivity that was atrophied by negativity.  To get those areas in shape, you are presented with thought-provoking questions to help shift your mindset and embrace the positivity you will manufacture for yourself.  When you do this work, expect to be transformed from the inside out.  It is not unusual to keep the journal close for consultation when you need a reminder along your journey.  Saddle up and watch how positivity brighten your life!

The Perfectly Unfinished Journal