Women's issues 101 - here's the 411

Well hello there! It has been a hot minute since our last conversation and I missed sharing with you!

I was reading something a friend of mine posted on social media and thought that it rang my bell quite loud.

No, I am not talking about girlfriends getting together to drop juicy details about their sexy stories… (wink, wink, we will do THAT later - hehehe)!

She was sharing her frustration about how women do not talk about how their bodies go through different stages, about their periods or their feelings concerning the process we go through each month, about menopause, or even about our sexual health.

Women are not talking much about the good, the bad, and the ugly when we reach “that certain age.” You know, women like you and I who are here reading these very words right now.

Some of us are no longer 20 and periods are just flat out overrated (Humph!) This surely affects women in general and we have had enough of this crap and want it done and over with. Or do we?

I for one have various conflicting feelings about this premenopausal stage I am in, and they are (for lack of a better word) flat out schizophrenic!

Let’s unpack a bit.

Infographics from sanescohealth.com

How come we are so ashamed of talking about how we feel in the course of a month? Well, maybe not ashamed, but we are just living with this day in and day out without making others aware of what is really going on… Even each other!

Not that our cycle is the worst plague of all times (which sometimes I really think it is…), but when we understand our own body better, we are able to communicate about it and/or look for ways to address the issues we face. Right?

It took some research to understand why right in the middle of a period, I am downing a couple of FULL glasses of red wine (a bit much for a lightweight like me), listening to my favorite sexy Kompa (my beloved homeland’s sound: Haitian music), and getting completely aroused sexually! But at the same time, I am NOT trying to go there because I cannot handle it.

Or have you experienced total depletion about two weeks after the periods? Even lifting your little finger either hurts or is wayyyyy too much energy to be spending…

Girl! Have you read a bit of info about the cycle we are on (in general)? Here’s one of the best 411 I found to illustrate the cycle:

So this means, we only have 7 really good days out of a whole month! No wonder we are so cranky sometimes!

Ok, so we have only touched lightly on how this body of ours works.

I am trying to understand this better and will be sharing about this with you as I find more information.

Since we are always about looking for and finding positivity in our lives here at MeUnfinished, we will be addressing ways to infuse it into our lives even with the challenges we face day in and day out. You know I have to go there.

You are with me, right? Because, just like you, I am experiencing all this crap too and am fighting tooth and nail to stay as positive as I can to navigate through this one life we are given.

Here we go, one quadrant at a time.

Until next time

Keep the Faith!


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