We are Women, hear us roar!

I have always been a sucker for women’s stories and great exploits.  As I matured, my sense of pride and amazement kept growing because of my own mother’s example of defying odds.  I still think she is a superhero (wink!)  But here is what I find surprising: the fact that women are not celebrated for their historical accomplishments like the men are.

As a little girl, I would read in my history books (in the islands) how great men would take on war against their oppressors, fight and defeat their enemies.  There was rarely something mentioned about a woman, and it would be something like “a woman sewed together what was to be the new flag”.  

Nobody even mentioned other roles the women played in those historical moments.

I was expecting to hear about how some of us women put pants on and fought alongside men against the enemies (like in Disney’s Mulan - a REAL princess in my eyes).  Or how they would find ways to brave enormous dangers and go into the battlefields to mend the wounded soldiers or feed them.  Nobody talks about how many of those women were mistreated when their husbands came back from war all PTSD riddled.

And that’s just covering war!  What about the amazing discoveries made thanks to women’s contributions?  Scientific advancement would not have been so far if it were not for some major feminine contributors (check a few of them here).  

Some of us, and I can even venture to say, are straight up #badassgirls!  

So skip with me to 1980 when FINALLY president Carter decided it was time to declare a Women’s week, and used March 8th as a central date to celebrate.  Really?  Did it take this much time?  Look at the trajectory here.

Now, let me be candid with you.  This might cause some feather ruffling, but I will share anyway.  I am not too sure I am crazy about this “Women’s Month” thing because it feels a bit limiting.  I completely understand that it is a way to recognize Women and their accomplishments, but there is no “Man Month”...  That’s because they are honored throughout the year and throughout history.  It would maybe mean more to me if we had a Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, Sojourner Truth, Maya Angelou, Coco

Chanel, Benazir Bhutto, Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey, or Princess Diana Day.  There is an innumerable amount of #badasschicks that caused history to be what it is - both good and bad - and we barely know about it!  Heck, I would welcome a special Madonna or Cleopatra remembrance on a yearly basis!  Where are women represented adequately in history?  Here is a little taste of who those women are/were here.  

The fact that the month of March is dedicated to celebrating women is definitely a step in the right direction.  But we need to continue the work where we are recognized as equals in such a way that there is no particular celebration needed - if you get my drift.  It has to be a “normal” thing: like the sky is blue and the grass is green.  Until such thing happens, there is more work to do and we have to keep plugging in.  

The secret, though, is that we have to do this UNITED.  We can get so much accomplished when we band together.  

Me and my girlfriends chilling. Not a great pic, but there is a lot of love in there :)

So go out there and support women around you and be the best woman you can be.  Pay special attention as to how we can lift one another up; some great suggestions will emerge this month around the subject.  Keep up your contribution throughout the year and make it a way of life.  You and I have a role to play and a purpose.  Let’s join the ones who have been on the journey and grow in numbers and force.  

We are women, hear us roar!

Always in Faith,


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