Today you will make it happen

I am on a journey.  I have started it inadvertently and now I am so far down, there is no turning back.  In fact, today I am taking you all along with me because it is now a passion and a MUST in my life.  

What is this passion, you ask?  That of seeking, getting, and sharing Positivity today.  Not that you could not figure that out from before (lol!) since on this site I relentlessly share tips and tools to bring positivity into our lives.  I have now graduated to organizing events to practice positivity and self-care. You can check out the upcoming Women's event/Girltime HERE and I want you to come! Details are here. (SOOO exciting!!!)

My experience with my divorce some decade ago left some deep scars and the hurt appeared insurmountable.  I have to deal with horrible insecurities and self-doubt on a constant basis and when I share even a snippet of my story with other women, I always find they experience some variation of the same heartache.

Just the other day, I met an amazing woman who could easily be running major laps around me while I slowly snail my way towards my goals.  I was blown away by her courage to be vulnerable and show her battle scars and share her struggle with staying positive.

The work never ends and it is to be done by everyone …  

Nobody is immune to the ever-occurring difficulties in life. That is why you have to constantly work at seeking your inner-positivity and using it to face your daily challenges.  

So!  As usual, here are 3 tools you can use today keep moving forward and get/stay positive:

  • Get grateful and practice self-care.  While we are getting things, this is one of the most effective ways to fuel your daily tank.  Find 3 things you are grateful for every day before you even put your foot down from the bed in the morning.  Being thankful first thing in the morning shifts your brain automatically and gets it ready to effectively deal with your day.  The secret is that once you start with positive thoughts, they snowball and keep getting better!

  • Get off the treadmill.  No, I don’t mean the exercising machine.  This is where you stop what you are doing in life every day for a moment to take a break and take stock.  We are going at some crazy pace in this day and age. It is easy to get caught up and get surprised by a major crash.  Look at where you are now and make a plan to take one step at a time to get to where you really want to go. It might take some refocusing, prioritizing, and a forced time-out; but it will be worth it.

  • Get on the treadmill.  LOL! I am not contradicting myself!  That’s another way for me to tell you to MOVE your body.  Get the blood flowing! It is scientifically proven that when you move your body (whether you are exercising whether on the treadmill or doing yoga) your thought process improves. You will make better decisions.  This means you will be leading a fuller life since you will boldly step towards your goals. Literally. Plus, you get in shape: a double portion of awesomeness!

So, I challenge you to start using those 3 tools!  Start today, don’t delay!

Get Positive:

Do you see how all three will work in your life right now?  Try pushing yourself to do them all and even if you are not a writer, jot down your progress in a few words.  

Sharing the Faith!


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