The Perfectly Unfinished Series 2 Recap - Pushing Through

I am still recovering from it! The Perfectly Unfinished Series event was an absolute Blast! There were so many amazing moments that I would be ridiculously mistaking if I told you that in this post you could live them with me.

We had a wonderful time, and as girlfriends, we sure felt comfortable with each other.  I can assure you that there will be more people attending the next time around :) That means more people will experience the power of positivity and know how to rev up that old positivity engine every time they are faced with some challengBut I have to share some dirty laundry with you about this “doing events” thing…Have you ever felt like you wanted to do something amazing and felt it in your loins and got paralyzed when it came to doing it?  I am not going to stand there and tell you that it was a blast and easy to get this together. There was a huge fight that happened on the battlefield of my mind.  This is a war and I have to fight several battles before I can win this war altogether.

I am talking about the “gremlins”, the ones who try to keep you “safe” from getting hurt or ridiculed…  Yes, they came to attack me again and they were absolutely as obnoxious and loud as they could be all along the way.  RelentlesBUT!!! I have been working so hard on redirecting my gremlins that they are finally starting to get the picture.  Oh! Don’t get me wrong, the more I redirected, the more they insisted on imposing self-doubt and confusion.  But they did not succeed at the end. Look at what came to be thanks to pushing through and making the Perfectly Unfinished Series 2 happen.

Awesome swag bags!!!

I had invited Katiana Pierre-Diaz, owner of The Wellness Palette, to come present on how stress affects our overall wellness from a holistic point of view.  She shared some very useful and practical tips. We learned how to bring mindfulness to the forefront and how to gauge our stress level. Katiana brought the house down when she showed us how to make stress balls.  The ladies totally LOVED that segment! We even practiced stretches! Now, coupled with a wine and cheese spread and some amazing giveaways, the whole thing was a winning package!Of course, we will have more of those and I cannot wait to get your thoughts about what we should include in our Perfectly Unfinished Series events!!!

Yes, that’s right! YOU!!!  I would love to hear your suggestions!  So enjoy those nice pictures from the event and if you did not make it this time, make sure you get your tickets early next time :) I am very grateful to Katiana and The Wellness Palette for the incredible knowledge she shared with us on Saturday! Please visit her page HERE and see for yourself what I am talking about when I tell you she ROCKS at her craft of steering people in the right wellness path. It would not be complete if I did not ask you to please support our sponsors: Massage Envy (Danielle Freeman), Trader Joe’s, Haitea (code Meunfinished to get 15% off until this weekend), and Valmas Cremas.  So see you next time?

Stay Faithful,


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