How to take the first step and get unstuck

Isn't it crazy how there is such a big brouhaha about Women's Month at the very beginning and then toward the middle of the month it gets really quiet - we need to get "unstuck"?

Either way, I want to keep the momentum alive and continue to celebrate us, women, as much as possible during the time allotted to us and beyond!  So let's talk a bit...

Just like the fire dimmed during Women's month, I have experienced some low and quiet times while developing MeUnfinished.  It has not been an easy thing since I was working full time and taking care of a family.

Recently, I decided that it was time to be on my own and to take the plunge: have my own business.  Ladies, taking the plunge is scary and it takes a conscious decision each time to push through.

Watch the video so you can get a glimpse of how much MeUnfinished has evolved.  From the first post on 3-17-14 to today, we experienced so much growth!  We went from just being a fun inspirational blog to now have products (I will share the link soon on this post!) and getting booked for speaking engagements to share the amazing message of Positivity!  We've come a longggg way!

There is more!  The second Perfectly Unfinished Series event is happening on April 28th, 2018!!!  Check it out HERE and if you are in South Florida at the time, invest in your well-deserved ME Time!

You see, I needed to get unstuck.  Being a creator comes with joy, talent, freedom, passion, but it also comes with hesitation, self-doubt, and procrastination in my case.  So many times I have hesitated to do something because I was worried about how people would receive it.  So many opportunities went by because I hesitated.

I am not here to tell you that I am totally cured of self-consciousness, but I want to encourage you to take action.  Ignore the voice that starts rambling when your gut feels like creating something.  It pays off and I have seen the change when I purposely push that nasty voice aside and push through.

I use a few tricks to get unstuck from the paralyzing effects of self-doubt:

1- I pray constantly.  This is my #1 Go-To solution and I actually see things happen from this.

2- I use the 5-second rule I heard about while reading the book by Mel Robins.  This springs me right into action whether I am afraid or not.

3- I keep plugging in even when it is a little at a time. I have more details about this HERE.

Lately, I have added "Being kind to myself through the process."  Practicing kindness and compassion with myself actually dissipates the negativity that can weigh me down and stop my actions.  Remember, we are all a work in progress!

Now it's your turn, let me know how you progress and get unstuck.  How do you keep the fire burning?

In the meantime, PLEASE SHARE MeUnfinished on social media and with your friends.  I am sure someone you know also needs that word of encouragement!  Spread the Love!

Keep the Faith always,


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