How I conquered fear - The Perfectly Unfinished Series

I had this vision put inside of me.  It was in my head, my heart, everywhere.  There was only one problem: fear.  As much as I am a warrior for others dealing with it, I could not fight my own battle.  Until…  I decided to face my fears and put on an event for women to relax and learn how to defeat stress one small step at a time.

This is how you have FUN at the Perfectly Unfinished Series Event!

It’s not an uncommon problem.  I am sure you are familiar with it.

Facing fear is a very daunting task.  It looks huge and growls at you when you even think about it.  The battle appears to be insurmountable and it takes a lot of energy to muster up even the slightest bit of courage to face it. 

So I got on the phone and started looking for a venue.  To my surprise, it was well within budget.  Then, there were the two people I wanted to feature in the event: a soap maker and an essential oils expert.  As soon as I spoke the word, they were in!  To top it all, in came my sponsor: a friend of mine owns a massage parlor and she offered the services of a couple of her therapists for the attendants.  The whole thing came together in a cinch!

I cannot begin to tell you about the momentum this took as I placed one foot in front of the other.  The more

I stepped forward, the faster things were going in the right direction!  Fear?  What fear?  I was too busy getting things going!

And then,

it happened…

The MeUnfinished Perfectly Unfinished Series Event

The day of the event came.  I had to practice my own stress-buster tactics (ironically the ones I was about to teach) to keep it together.  I could hardly believe it.

The three things I did to overcome the fear were:

1- I prayed.  I kept this going from beginning to end, at

all hours, and at every juncture.  That helped me build my courage one block at a time.

2- I followed through.  When I made the list of things to do to accomplish this vision, I had a checkbox and this kept me accountable.

3- This comes maybe before #2, but I used the 5-Second Rule (from Mel Robbins) where I would not give too much time to talk myself out of anything.  Once it was in my head, I counted 5-4-3-2-1 and DID IT!  This book helped me tremendously and I recommend it.

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It takes work and for you to want bad enough to make things happen where there is NO TURNING BACK.  Fear has one fear: that you call its bluff.  Now, I am unstoppable.  My next event is already being planned (sign up with MU to receive the newsletter to get the info as soon as it is ready!) and my mission to wake women up to their Might and Worth has only gotten started.  I am on fire!

Peace, Love, Faith


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