10 Tips for relaxation

Recently I posted about being tired and it resonated with quite a few of us out there.  So, of course, being “tired of being tired” like some of us responded, I have been conducting a little experiment to remedy the situation.  This has been in my heart for a little while now and since so many of us could relate, it was only natural to share some of my findings and how to practice them.  So far, this list has been very helpful and I have shared it with a few people (including my daughter) who have ended up being somewhat of a few accountability partners.  This journey can be sweet!  Check it out:

1.  When you wake up…

No matter how crazy the night or what’s coming ahead, clear your mind and find three things you are thankful for. (One of them could even be to be able to wake up!)

2.  Make a list of things you need to do for the day

Both at home and at work.  This can help you organize your day better and keep you more focused.  At the end of the day, you can tally it all up and celebrate the completion of your tasks no matter how small of a dent you make in the list.

3.  Wake up 15-30 minutes before everybody and enjoy the time

I like to savor a cup of coffee, maybe you like tea or breakfast, a quick walk, or the news. Do your best to find time to be alone to gather yourself.

4.  Mid-day

Read an inspiring affirmation. This can help you to keep your battery running longer.  I usually google the words “Inspiring Quotes” and pick one to think about.  Those sites are very interesting and it is easy to spend a good amount of time there, but for the quick pick-up of the mid-day, your eye will be attracted to one, click, pick, and meditate for a few minutes.

5.  Call a friend

Find someone you could touch base with on a regular basis. It helps tremendously to have someone to bounce some ideas off of. Whether it’s to have a laugh or to just vent, that daily interaction can help you get your sense of direction.

6.  Treat yourself with a little something

OK, now I am not talking about spending some bucks here, just a few extra grapes in your lunch bag, light up a scented candle in your room or spray some great aromatics on your pillow, an extra cup of coffee or even a little flavored creamer the first time around. Anything out of the ordinary that can help make your day run a bit smoother.

7.  Encourage someone

Make someone feel good or help them. There are countless studies out there talking about how doing for someone else makes you feel good. This is a win/win situation. I could even guarantee this will make a difference in your day and will counteract any negativity going on.

8.  Give yourself a pat on the back for getting things done on your list

You see, most people would decide to look at what they have not completed. That is unfortunately not the way to go because life happens and things don’t usually go exactly as planned. That oil change might take 2 hours instead of 1, this project at work was shorter, that home visit did not pan out, the meat was not thawed by the time you got home. So when you have given it your best, give yourself a high-five and do your best for the next day. Keep in mind that sometimes, you don’t feel at all like doing anything. Those days also happen. Be patient with yourself and do your best for the next day to be better.

9.  At the end of your day, find a few minutes to wind down

It doesn’t take much time: make it about 15 minutes or so.  Squeeze in a little quiet time after putting the little people to sleep, putting things away, sent the late night report, etc…. Some like to meditate, I find it very beneficial. Between 15-30 minutes meditation is a gift to yourself that keeps giving.  I sometimes take time to reflect on God’s word.  Some even like to take long warm showers or baths.  Whatever it takes for you to wind down before bed can help you have a more relaxing night.

10.  Go to sleep!

I know, that last program is great, one more minute at the gym, call this one person back, etc… But without a good night’s sleep, you will not have the energy or stamina you need to start that earlier day. (Remember #3?)

Some of those things can help you have a much better day.  Who knows, maybe all of them will!  Either way, give yourself some time to learn those strategies because it takes a little time to form habits.  Remember, those are meant to help, not stress you out

I am on the journey with you and might also struggle with some of them (especially #10!).  But we are here to help each other, right?  Which ones of those can you commit to?  I am eager to hear about your thoughts!!!

Always keep the Faith!


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