Hey!  Let's meet!

Welcome!  I am Martine, the creator of “Me, Unfinished…” and you've just embarked on your Positivity and Empoerment journey!


Whether I’m sharing life experiences or pointers for the pregnant women or the new moms, or everyday tips to try for you and/or  your children, my goal and passion is to Empower, Guide, and Inspire women to learn about and practice Positivity and be present for themselves and their children.


The idea is to improve women’s lives and lead them into positively transforming themselves and their communities while caring for their children's development!



What got all that started???



You see, my adventure started out of a traumatic event. An awakening… With God’s unwavering help and a group of amazing people and resources put on my path, I fell head over heels with how to empower women as mothers.  From pregnancy to development 

Practicing positivity is the foundation upon which we are able to build amazing life structures and make tremendous progress.  I can tell you that my practicing positivity every time something challenging presented in my life, helped me work through rough times.  The more I do it, the easier it gets.  Problems and challenges do not stop coming, however dealing with them efficiently has come from turning things around.


And then came the thought… “What if I could share this with the other Super Women of this world?!”

So, here I am! Courageously putting myself out there with all intentions to take YOU with me on this amazing continuum!


Yes, I still battle with insecurities and anxiety.  Yes, gloomy days still knock at my door.  I am still quite human :) But you will find on this site the tools I use to focus on what is most important in life.

I am a wife, a mother of 3, and have over 25 years of experience working in Mental Health, Early Intervention for children, and developing curriculums/presenting on Cultural Competency.

Today you find a family oriented, culturally aware, positive thinker, resource-finder, Christian, Caribbean woman who celebrates uniqueness.  


I challenge you to practice Positivity and see how you too will transform you and your environment!  Are you ready to cross that bridge?

Always in Faith,


Passionate About Inspiring Others

So the work started and MeUnfinished "The Blog" was born.  My passion is to inspire others through practicing positivity.  

In all the posts or stories, you will read about real-life experiences (not always sugarcoated) and challenges that I gather from a plethora of women who cross my path in life and my own.  To deal with those situations, you will find with each post a set of tools to you are encouraged to use.  

I love doing this work because I know how practicing positivity is an effective way to improve your everyday life.  I do it myself!  If you put in the work, IT works.  I can't wait to hear how it all works for you!

Although I work predominantly in the arena of Women's well being, I do provide workshops for Corporate America.  Practicing Positivity is not limited to a specific gender or a certain set of individuals.  That is the beauty of it all.  This is a universal practice that is not new but can be easily forgotten.  

  • State of Florida ITDS certification - Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist

  • Certified trainer of Cultural Competency

  • Fetal Infant Mortality Review certified abstractor and presenter 

  • Member of the Florida Association For Infant Mental Health

  • Attending member and core task force participant in the formation of the Equity Institute of Palm Beach County

  • Workshop development and presentation for women/parents/mothers: child development and parenthood empowerment.